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iimagine WebnPrint and Beyond Left Field Graphic Design have always been about quality products quality service, quality customer support

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Starting at the age of 16 years old, our founder, John Schoenmann, has worked in the Graphic Arts Industry. His first Art Department was completely  analog. There were no film processors, computers, email or mobile devices. John quickly learned to love the art dept. Using a huge Lithography camera, tray developing film and composing it all on light tables and vacuum frames, John became an expert at “classical” Graphic Arts.

John’s second Art department, at a Photoengraving company, was a combination digital and analog. The early days of computer graphics were eye opening. The possibilities seemed endless. The giant camera was replaced by scanners, and film printers. After 7 years John went to work for his local newspaper designing Ads for the daily, monthly and other publications. This was a fun, challenging position.

It was around this time that Beyond Left Field Graphic Design was founded. We have been growing ever since.

iimagine WebnPrint brings together all of our quality services and products into one website. We offer personalized service at every step, from concept through production and shipping or delivery. And if you don’t need as much help because you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person and you know what you want, you can now order our quality products and services directly from our website.

Every order is handled personally by our expert team, whether you order by phone, website or email.